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Kim and I started this magical mystery tour 3 years ago.

Despite having lived in different cities during that time, we got together every so often for brain storming, shopping and playing at being Gwyneth Paltrow imagining we were creating a new ‘Goop.’


These past few weeks have been amazing.  A soft launch which, unbeknownst to us, went live on Tuesday 18th and suddenly we are packing goods and sending them to MIDI women. 


Our gathering of products has taken many paths.  First rejection is insulting but soon you move on and dig deep and find another similar product with better packaging...


Testing the products is also a story in itself! (which you can guess after seeing what we stock!)


The Tea, which I so love, was given to me by a dear friend who was hosting a very smart dinner party when she announced “For our sweet I have herbal Tea from New York called Better than Sex”. Everyone roared with laughter.


Kim’s first taste was a desperate moment in need of a sweet treat. She loves a cup of tea and a choccy biscuit before retiring to watch the latest Netflix. Finding nothing in the cupboard to satisfy this desire she opened a tin of Better than Sex and wallah! - gorgeous Roobis taste with bits of Belgium Chocolate.

She is hooked.


The Midi Nightie is something we love to wear at night (even though we are post-menopausal). The fabric is perfect for ensuring that you stay cool as you cosy up in bed with your longest ever Hot Water Bottle. Lying down on the Silk Pillowcase induces the most divine sleep. You wake up looking and feeling like a million dollars.

We are just at the beginning of our adventure which we hope you will enjoy joining us on.