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You never really know when you are there!

Are you, like me just in the middle of something...?

When does middle age begin?  35? 40? 45? 50?...

"If I had to pick numbers, then I'd probably choose the range from 25 to 75.  Why?  
Most of us are truly independent of our families and on our own at least by 25 and most of us are dealing with the infirmities of age by 75.  Everything in-between would be middle age".  [Source|Robert L. Adams |]

British research reveals whereas previously the 'middle-age' average was 41 it is now shown to be 53. 

But how I see it is that middle-age is really more about a feeling - not a number.
It won't happen overnight...but it will happen.

So if we are not defining ourselves by a number how do we describe the MIDI woman?

A woman of a certain age | Middle-Aged | A woman in her Prime | Fifty-something |Boomer | Mature Woman | Menopausal [Pre+Post] | Doyenne ...

If you have a MIDI synonym you'd like to share with us we'd love to hear from you.
You might even get a little gift for your trouble.