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The Longest Hot Water Bottle + Cashmere Merino Cover

Luxury | Warmth | Wearable Heat Therapy


The long flexible shape means that aches and pains
can be reached more easily.
You can drape it around your neck or place it across the lower back and abdomen to help soothe sore muscles, back pain and cramps. 
It can also be tied around the body and worn hands-free.
Provides you with the experience of Heat Therapy
mixed with the indulgence of the finest kind.
Air bubbles on the bottle are designed to retain heat
for much longer and add to the ergonomic design.
Holds the same volume of water as a traditional hot water bottle so you only have to fill the kettle once and you’ll have plenty left over for a cup of tea!

Dimensions: L81 x W13cm
Materials: Sri Lanken Rubber Bottle
Cashmere and Merino Wool Blend Cover
Mother of Pearl Buttons
Beautiful Gift Box

The YuYu Bottle is designed in England and included in the Royal Collection.



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