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We are two women of middle-age we are MIDI.

MIDI is an on-line store where women of middle-age can purchase hand-picked fancy + functional goods, discreetly.

The conception of MIDI has been mulled over and again and matured like a good wine.

Cath lives in Wellington and works in hospitality, quaintly refers to herself as the oldest waitress in town.

Kim lives in Queenstown, is a Jill of all trades and/or can bluff her way through.

Over the years, our industries have fortuitously brought us in contact with all kinds of fantastic women, who all share the same road. We are not the women we once were; some days we are even better! 



This is a great time in my life. I love having such a mix in my working week. I love my job at Prefab, being part of an amazing team and having access to an amazing event space where I can hold my Gently Used clothing markets which are becoming something to look forward to every three months. I am looking forward to going back to the dance group, not that I can dance but it is something I do for myself. I love being really busy and my mind is so active with ideas I have notes everywhere – some I pull off but others just simmer. I am very fortunate to have my family close and have been lucky to spend the last six months with my daughter and grandchild living with us. Memories that will last forever.

What’s on your bedside table?
My phone, water, reading glasses and something I’m reluctant to admit
– no books. I am a Kindle girl.

What’s in your bag?
My bag is much more exciting. I have my MIDI diary, pens, phone, lipstick, Commes wallet, bills and loose tissues.  I love this stage of my life. I love working. I love watching good things on Netflix. I love watching the All Blacks. I love drinking red wine. I love my husband after 30+ years. I miss my dog.

(Written 2017)

Cath's 2019 update:  Have got a new dog now and don't drink red wine anymore - just bubbles!


I have always had a fear of flying and lifts – one day I woke up and had developed a fear of mirrors – welcome to middle age.

Empty Nest + Wine
On the scale of things you actually spend a relatively short period of your life as a day-to-day hands on mother. And children leave home about the same time that the family pets have reached the end of their life span. So it can be a double whammy. It takes a bit of getting used to – but once you’ve embraced it – there’s no turning back.
One glass  per night. 

Coffee + Glasses
I love my morning ritual of going out to have coffee. The daily newspaper or latest magazine and a really well made flat white in a small cup. But it can be absolutely devastating if I don’t have my glasses with me.

Technology + Long Nails
I’m still hoping it’s a bit of a fad – like Kale or is it Tumeric?  
I just find it so difficult to press the tiny buttons on my iPhone 12 with my long nails so I have resorted to carrying a pencil with a rubber on the end of it
so that I can poke out text.

Coronation Street + Film Work
This tv series has provided so much structure in my life for such a long time. It provides comfort and grounds me when I’m away from home film working, which over the last couple of years has been quite some time. 

Grey Hair + Tall People
I have about a three week window of opportunity, after a session with the hairdresser, to confidently mix again with tall people. But alas the stripe of the tiger returns again and again. I spend a lot of time and money disguising the fact that my hair is grey.

Meryl + I
On a good day I am sometimes told I look a bit like Meryl Streep.
I am more than happy to take that compliment, her political nous 
is definitely worth emulating.

What I love about being Me + the Midi Woman
Going to the movies by myself
A bottle of wine is a good gift given or received
Confidence in being able to say No 
Playing Hide and Seek with my glasses/phone/car keys
Accumulation of so many clothes after all these years
Laughing at myself or anything else that takes my fancy
Being in the middle of life is a great place to be
– you have memories of your past and dreams of your future.

(Written 2017)

Kim's 2019 update:  Nest is full again - daughter now lives next door with her husband, two grandchildren Louis + Billie and Digby dog.  
Life is a changing feast.
No longer get told I look like Meryl Streep!