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Eating Tokyo - Boatshed Office

Changing or starting a new career is challenging at the best of times so we would like to showcase MIDI women who are doing just that!

To have started MIDI 18 months ago has been such a joy for Kim and I; we have not left our day jobs, but after both being in the same industry for many years to have another interest at our time of life is game changing.



Series 1

We would like to introduce you to Eating Tokyo - a little business that offers fabulous food eating trips to Tokyo for women who enjoy travelling with a purpose. 

Eating Tokyo tours are hosted by Sue Dempsey and Janice Kirkwood, long-time Wellingtonians and former owners of Caffe Astoria.

We launched our inaugural tours in May 2017 and now run up to ten trips to Tokyo each year.

Still known as "the girls", we believe it is never too late to start a new career. We are loving meeting women from all over New Zealand and guiding them around our favourite city. 

We have limited the tours to just six guests to ensure a personal, attentive and convivial experience. Eating Tokyo is a great way for single travellers, couples and friends to get to the heart of Tokyo and its exciting food scene with two experienced hospitality professionals.

We recently hosted a group of women friends and were able to curate a tour just for them. We have great recommendations for shopping, cafes, galleries and neighbourhoods to explore. And importantly, at the end of the day we know where to shop for a glass of wine. 

Eating Tokyo

 Credit Tom Collier

Learn more about Eating Tokyo