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"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than a belief that she is beautiful". [Sophia Loren]

I am into these little feel good sayings.
I read that to make your day a happy one, try these 3 helpful tips:

1. Meditate in the morning, take 10 minutes and think nice thoughts.
2. Be nice to everyone you come into contact with.
3. Challenge yourself with doing three things that make a difference.

The first one is quite hard for me, as I can't fold my legs and find nice thoughts difficult at that time of the morning.

The second one is even more difficult as I work in hospitality (enough said!)

The third is my favourite but I still haven't managed my set challenges which were to give up sugar; spend less than $50 at the supermarket; and stay up past 8.30.

See how you go!!!

| Cath