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Vaginas are just not homogeneous.

I only recently discovered this on a trip to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in Tasmania which offered me an up-close and personal visual display of just that. 150 life-size moulded vaginal sculptures.


Greg Taylor’s series is definitely confronting but after the shock value subsides you realised why wouldn’t this part of our anatomy be as different as every other part of us is, to anybody else. And it was actually stunningly beautiful and cleverly curated.


To be honest it wasn’t something I’d ever thought to think about – but now I have a daily reminder that we are all beautifully difference. In the MOMA store they had a collection of Vagina Soaps. I bought one. It was called ‘CATH’ and perfumed with Rose Geranium. I thought I’d give it to my dear friend by that name – but when the time came I just couldn’t – it seemed a little too weird. So it now sits in its unused state in a black box on my desk. One day it will end up in my undies drawer – a good place for good smelling soaps.