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How do you cope with life changing moments?


My most recent changing moment was to relocate to an entirely new environment. But more challenging for me was to leave a job I loved and was completely comfortable with to a job that had aspects outside of my skill base - I have never had an office job my entire life! 


But I took the job because, lucky for me, it was a joint job with my husband. Managing a campground (albeit a posh one) in the most beautiful location in New Zealand.  The job description was one we wrote ourselves – offering our services as hospitality gurus that could cook, clean and bottle wash. I have since learnt that a complicated computer booking system is an integral part of running a camping ground – not matter how posh!


It has been 8 weeks now and while I can honestly say I have retained not much in the computer field I can admit I have been a great asset in so far as the meeting and greeting of guests from all over the world.


But the thing that excites me the most about running a camp ground is I am meeting the most fabulous MIDI women – all having a go at touring, staying in beautifully basic cabins, hiring bikes and going for a tiki tour of the Lake then coming back to the Camp and cooking in the shared kitchen, chatting and sharing stories with other like-minded MIDI women.


I say to them you are so brave, you are really living life and having life changing moments on a regular basis!