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Visible Women Wear Lipstick

Natural | Vegan | Silicone Free


Hydrate your lips while saturating them in a long-wearing colour.

Carefully curated, these vintage-inspired shades have a gentle matte finish and rich pigments that won't need constant touch-ups.

No lipstick on anyone's collar with these beauties!

Smudge around the edges for a stained pout, or build up for a more polished look.

Genna Vendetta, the creator of these wonderful lipsticks is a truly amazing and inspirational woman who wants you, to wear only, the most pure and natural product on your lips.

Pure Colours of:

Montague - Tangy Tones

The Vendetta - Pure Red

DeHavilland - Vintage Red

Fontaine - Pretty Pink

Capulet - Soft Aubergine

Heathcliff - Earthy Brown


5g|5.28fl oz.

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