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A Novel by Rosy Fenwicke
Super-Powers should not be wasted on the Young.

Euphemia Sage lay in the dark, listening to Kenneth snoring softly beside her and grinned. Moments before she had woken with a prickling feeling on her chest. It felt as if thousands of ants were scrabbling up her neck and across her face, dragging with them a layer of heat so suffocating, she had to sit up and hurl the duvet away...She’d been waiting for two years to find out if Maree really had been telling the truth...

What's not to like about a woman of a certain age who gains super-powers from the moment she has her first hot flush?  Especially when her life takes off in a series of unexpected twists and turns requiring those super-powers to be harnessed in ever-increasing quantities? And because the super-powers start out low-key - better vision, better hearing, more stamina to extend her daily runs - we go along with what becomes a real rollercoaster ride, making it hard to put this book down.
Euphermia Sage (yes, she sounds a bit like a well-know politician but there the resemblance ends) is 53 and runs, with her husband Kenneth, a large business consultancy in downtown Wellington. One daughter, Nicky is a detective, the other, Kezia, is a computer geek - both lucky career choices, since Nicky is called on when Euphemia gets into trouble with the dodgy-dealing office manager and Kezia has to delve deep into her mum's office system to find and disable the corrupted files the office manager has planted in a "stealth drive".
The office manager's infiltration of the system - and her husband's associated loan sharking of the firm's less fortunate clients - come to light when Euphemia's school friend Jane is abducted along with her family's valuable jewelry collection. Not long after, Euphemia's cute pug Petal is abducted too. Somehow, she has to call on her super-powers to save Jane, the pug, and  expose the growing number of dodgy characters for the ruthless criminals they are.
Rosy Fenwicke, doctor, former Wellington Central candidate, and author of a non-fiction work about women doctors, has created what promises to be the first in a crime-thriller series about Eugenia and Petal, which can only be good news for us women who like to feel empowered, even when the grey and the crow's feet start to appear.
Reviewed by Felicity Price | Dominion Post | Book of the Week

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